Strategic Planning

Strategic planning focuses on the engagement of all key stakeholders who have an influence on the future success of the organization, department, or team. According to current research regarding successful strategic planning, limiting it to the executive domain cuts off an organization from the full impact of strategy effectiveness.

Subsequently, Mitch uses a large-scale process to help clients engage the multi-faceted talents of the organization. According to many research studies, involvement brings about greater commitment to the end result and more successful productivity – in both short term and long.

The phases of the strategic planning process that Mitch uses incorporate those identified in his recent article regarding strategic planning, Real Time Strategic Planning: Moving Beyond Never-Never Land

The consulting may be directed to any or all of the selected phases below:

Planning to plan with a strategic steering team, to design the actual strategic planning process.
Mission generation to discern the organization’s purpose in a succinct, memorable statement.
Vision generation to identify the organization’s future direction from a timeframe of anywhere between 3 and 5 years.
Key drivers to determine the 5-6 focus areas for achievement of the vision.
Strategies for realization of the 5-6 key drivers, based on how to respond particularly during times of economic downturn.
Evaluation to determine the success of your organizational improvement efforts from four perspectives–reaction to the plan, organizational learning that has occurred, organizational behaviors that have changed, and finally, bottom line results realized.
Periodic follow-up to engage the enduring commitment of the organization to the plan.
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