Mitch provides a full-range of leadership development seminars that are “off-the-shelf.” In addition, custom-designed seminars may be designed to connect with an organization’s critical issues, strategies, or learning efforts. These “off-the-shelf” programs include the following topics:
Strategic Planning in Times of Uncertainty
The way we approach strategic planning must change
Toxic People in Toxic Times
How to build organizations of respectful engagement for bottom-line impact
7 Practices Every Leader Must Stop and Start NOW!
Leadership behaviors that make a difference
Consulting Without Consultants
Applying the tips of the trade to organization issues
Emotional Intelligence
Leadership behaviors that make a difference
4 Generations at Work
Collision or collaboration?
Mistake Recovery
What every leader must do to recover from 7 critical mistakes
Negotiating in Varied Situations
Going beyond gut feel
Organizational Change
What every team member must know
Sell, Don’t Tell
The art & science of influencing C-level executives
Using Systems Thinking
More effective strategic planning
The Successful Team Leader
Building teams with bottom line success
Visionary Leadership
Successful strategic engagement of the organization
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