In the Media

Mitch is interviewed on the effects of toxic behaviors in organizations and what to do about it.

Mitch and Elizabeth Holloway discuss toxic personalities with Steve Hart of the New Zealand Herald. Click on the icon at left to read the entire article.
Mitch and Elizabeth Elizabeth share their experiences handling the toxic workplace with Nancy Branton of the Coaching Leadership Academy during a live session of the Thought Leaders Forum. Click on the icon at left to listen.
Mitch and Elizabeth Holloway are guest consultants for MSN’s Career site and learn how troubled economic times can bring out the worst in people and what you can do to avoid getting “infected.” CNN picked up this interview as well, illustrating how toxic personalities rob the workplace of human and financial energy.
Mitch discusses five ways to battle the office backstabber. How to assess the situation and how to identify the tactics a backstabber will use.
Mitch and Elizabeth discuss toxic personalities in the workplace on talk radio.
Listen to Mitch and Elizabeth discuss their upcoming book “Toxic Workplace! Managing Toxic Personalities and Their Systems of Power” during their keynote address to the American Society for Training & Development. Click on the “play-button”icon on the left to listen.
In this interview, Mitch discusses the power of gossip–giving new insights to a tired, old model of communication.
Mitch discusses the issue of office politics–how to engage in it without getting “dirty.”
“Often we motivate people by how we ourselves want to be motivated.”
Mitch’s recent podcast in LeaderLab.