Everyday Civility Quarterly Fall 2018

Everyday civility is in every organization’s DNA.
Helping organizations erode toxic behaviors is in ours.

Kusy’s Kernel

In this Fall edition, I focus on financial data associated with toxic personalities, demonstrating that everyday civility is not simply a “nice to have”–it erodes your bottom line. Even your top performers who are toxic cost significant dollars! Learn how to calculate the cost of toxic people in this edition.  

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Check out my latest TV interview with a San Francisco news show. It’s fun and packed with top strategies for dealing with toxic personalities.
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This article tells why toxic people cost money. To calculate their cost in your organization, obtain a free copy of my Toxic Cost Worksheet at the bottom of my website (www.mitchellkusy.com)
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About Mitch

A professor, organizational psychologist, and Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Mitch Kusy cracks the code of how to deal with toxic personalities with his co-researched 3-year landmark study. Proactive strategies signal how to avoid hiring them; responsive strategies reveal how to successfully deal with them. His methods of large-scale change, team diagnostics, and coaching increase ROI and reduce workplace drama. Mitch’s keynote speaking and consulting engage strategic planning, leadership development, and team performance. A professor at Antioch University’s international PhD Program in Leadership and Change, Mitch previously directed leadership development at American Express. In 1998, he was the Minnesota Organization Development Practitioner of the Year.


Check out Mitch’s website (www.mitchellkusy.com) and download his complimentary articles as well as his “Toxic Cost Worksheet” to determine the cost of toxic people in your organization. Find more articles and info in his LinkedIn profile: https://linkedin.com/in/dr-mitch-kusy/.

Mitch’s email address: mitchellkusy@gmail.com