Leadership Consulting

Mitch’s experiences in leadership development encompass a diverse range of methods for improving the leadership talent within an organization–to enhance a leader’s already successful track record and improve skills that are deficient.

All methods incorporate skills that are practical, based on the most contemporary research on leadership success. These include:

Leadership Seminars

Design, development, and delivery of seminars, with a rich mix of approaches including simulations, action learning, mini-lectures, small and large group discussions, case studies, video vignette analysis, and problem-solving groups.

360-Degree Leadership Feedback

360-Degree Leadership Feedback systems to assess leadership talent and provide ways to improve key behaviors.

In Basket Simulations

Development of In Basket simulations designed to mimic real-world leadership practices and to assess how effectively leaders respond–with the goal of evaluating strengths and specific areas for improvement.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching sessions to intensify leadership successes and identify core actions needed to address improvement areas.

Succession Planning

System-wide focus on how to build an organization’s bench strength in its leadership.

Train-The-Trainer Systems

Design, development, and delivery of Train-The-Trainer Systems for those seminars the organization determines are best facilitated by internal staff.