Mitch provides a full-range of leadership development seminars that are “off-the-shelf.”

In addition, custom-designed seminars may be designed to connect with an organization’s critical issues, strategies, or learning efforts. These “off-the-shelf” programs include the following topics:

Strategic Planning in Times of Uncertainty
The way we approach strategic planning must change

Coaching Toxic Personalities
Restore Everyday Civility. Increase Performance. Reduce Drama.

Restore Everyday Civility
Erode Toxic Behaviors. Reduce Drama. Increase Performance.

7 Practices Every Leader Must Stop and Start NOW!
Leadership behaviors that make a difference

Consulting Without Consultants
Applying the tips of the trade to organization issues

Emotional Intelligence
Leadership behaviors that make a difference

4 Generations at Work
Collision or collaboration?

Mistake Recovery
What every leader must do to recover from 7 critical mistakes

Negotiating in Varied Situations
Going beyond gut feel

Organizational Change
What every team member must know

Sell, Don’t Tell
The art & science of influencing C-level executives

Using Systems Thinking
More effective strategic planning

The Successful Team Leader
Building teams with bottom line success

Visionary Leadership
Successful strategic engagement of the organization