Six Intentional Ways to Build Teams of Everyday Civility(And Proactively Erode Toxic Behaviors)

Dr. Mitch Kusy shares six top strategies for addressing incivility in healthcare and demonstrates the impact on patient experiences and patient safety.

Why I Don’t Work Here Anymore

Toxic employees not only get under our skin, but also erode the financial worth of any organization. In one study conducted (Kusy & Holloway, 2009), a whopping 94% of over 400 leaders reported dealing with the devastation caused by these chameleons who “knock down but kiss up.” In Why I Don’t Work Here Anymore, I present the proactive solutions to prevent these individuals from ever entering your organization, along with the reactive ways to deal with them once they’re there.

Toxic Workplace!

Control freaks, narcissists, manipulators, bullies, and Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hydes who kiss up and kick down. Co-author Elizabeth Holloway has teamed up with Mitch to produce their latest book Toxic Workplace! Managing Toxic Personalities and Their Systems of Power, will help you deal with toxic behaviors in two ways. First, respond to difficult personalities with their three systems of intervention and second, create workplaces of respectful engagement. In this book, they share the results of their research of over 400 leaders to help you impact productivity, performance, the bottom line, and personal well being.

Manager’s Desktop Consultant

Mitch and Louellen spent countless months with business leaders from around the world. Their focus – the right-here, right-now needs of the business manager when confronted with a critical situation that requires make-or-break actions. These people problems won’t go away. They need immediate attention now! Manager’s Desktop Consultantprovides practical advice and strategies to get from problem, to plan, to resolution. Ready to go? Click on the cover art to the left or click here to order from Amazon.

Breaking the Code of Silence

Mitch and Louellen explore the often unspoken, but very real topic of mistakes and recoveries.Based on research and candid interviews with some well-known leaders whose costly blunders have made headlines, Breaking the Code of Silence examines seven common mistakes, debunks myths surrounding mistake recovery, and identifies seven strategies for rebounding from near-fatal errors.To order your copy of this highly-effective guide to leadership in the fast lane, click here to order and we will direct you to Amazon.

The Little Book of leadership Development

Packed with 50 common sense (but not so common) actionable ideas, practical tips, and realistic solutions to real organizational problems, THE LITTLE BOOK OF LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: 50 WAYS TO BRING OUT THE LEADER IN EVERY EMPLOYEE shows managers how to build critical leadership skills in others while strengthening their own practice of effective leadership. Best of all, this resource empowers managers to lead in a way that makes sense for—and best serves—their team. As Dr. Allen and Dr. Kusy assure each unique manager, “If you are active, involved, and perceived by members of your team as an individual who cares about their development and growth, you will increase your chances of success and theirs.”

Fast Forward Leadership

Before Breaking the Code of Silence, Mitch brought us the highly popular Fast Forward Leadership, the book he co-authored with Dr. Louellen Essex, a Number-3 business best seller (“What Corporate America is Reading” – Knight Ridder Tribune News Service).Based on a research study Louellen and Mitch conducted on the most successful and innovative leadership practices worldwide, Fast Forward Leadership describes the seven outmoded practices leaders must stop doing immediately, along with their replacement strategies.To order your copy of this highly-effective guide to leadership in the fast lane, click here to and we will direct you to Amazon.Mitch’s has published in a number of other other publications as well. Some of these articles are included (see below) with permission from their respective publishers.


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Podcast: In this interview about toxic personalities in healthcare, Dr. Mitch Kusy shares personal insights and evidence-based practices for addressing toxic behaviors in healthcare.
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